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Today, the creation of an integrated ICT Master Plan in each organization transforms the organization's management perspectives into reality and promotes the organization's day-to-day progress.

The comprehensive ICT program is a macro program that, with a comprehensive and integrated approach, examines all the needs of stakeholders for the deployment and utilization of information and communication technology in all aspects of the organization, and ultimately a strategy for this purpose, along with priorities, scheduling And the cost required.

IC-GROUP specialists, based on the basic knowledge of industrial engineering, have designed industrial and administrative automation systems that are tailored to the needs of the organization, which creates a single fabric management system in the organization.

What is ICT Master Plan?

Some of the software:

Row Show Software Description User & Pass
1 Door 1 Internal Door Production Software with Customer Specified Account demo & demo
2 Door 2 Interior Door Manufacturing Software (Smart Product Definition) demo & demo
3 Compress Compress PHP File
4 Ticket Software Tacting software to serve customers demo & demo