Creating a database of educational documents registration, for organizers of training courses and learners to track and present to others the requirements of the groups mentioned.

The IC-GROUP site has been created to keep learners' learning records. It should be noted that the authenticity of the learner's learning record is organized with the organizer of the course and presentation of the document's degree to others. The IC-GROUP site is designed for registration only.

Also, informing students about courses and seminars is one of the goals of the site, and learners who register on the site will give permission to inform the courses of professors and educational companies on the site.

Terms and conditions of the training course:

1- IC-GROUP site is just as the center for registration of training courses and has no responsibility for the quality and quantity of courses held.

2. The information provided by students to the IC-GROUP site is at the discretion of the IC-GROUP and will not be made available to legal and natural persons under any circumstances, except by providing a judicial authorization.

3. The IC-GROUP site has no obligation to return money to the course held for each title and the students must directly coordinate with the organizer.

4. Any financial and physical damage during the course held by the student.

5. All the legal deductions for the courses are for the student.

6. Registration in the course means the agreement with the above requirements.